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DUKPT Does Not Refer To An Animal

STJ can speak your language. We have been around the block for awhile. The STJ principals have an average of 26 years in the payment business; our knowledge rubs off for our clients. It shows when we talk to them about their business pains and problems. It shows when we interview and establish skill set and experience with our consultants. The reason it shows is because we understand the payments industry. We have been there as engineers, consultants, project managers and senior executives. We have walked in your shoes and understand what is important. We keep abreast of trends, technology, emerging products and services in the payments industry.

EMV Is Not The Start Of An Eye Chart

A key struggle for professional project services firms is differentiation. Clients want the convenience of using a "one-stop" shopping experience for their project sourcing requirements. It makes procurement easier. We get that. Unfortunately, many suppliers fall back on their "ability to find resumes" or find "inexpensive resources quickly" or dedication to "great service" as their differentiator. If you have ever been on the receiving end of one of these pitches (and who hasn't?) you know how painfully obvious it is that such unsupported generalities are no differentiation at all.

We understand the unique and complex world of payments. We understand the requirements of hiring managers struggling to keep up with project requests in the highly competitive payments landscape. Every engagement is different. Each client presents a unique set of challenges, requiring a flexible response. This is very different than selling a can of soup. STJ fits the need in the marketplace for clients who recognize the value of a niche supplier who can provide knowledgeable people who understand high availability payment transaction processing. We provide our clients payment experts who understand their business and can immediately add value to project deliverables. We can do that because we know their business. It is what makes us different. STJ - we're just not your typical resume clearing house.

  • Is it time for you to review your current provider of services?
  • How do they describe themselves?
  • What do they say is their area of expertise, if any?
  • How did you select them as your current provider?
  • What industries do they serve?
  • How do they present themselves and stay in contact?











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