A Global Leader of Business and Technical Project Services for the Payments Industry


Our customers know, we know payments

STJ-CA is focused on providing business and technical project services exclusively for the payments industry. We understand their processing environment, operations, project skill requirements, vendor solutions and technologies used to support their mission-critical systems. More …

Our customers know, we know what's important

You know it. We know it. The success of any engagement is directly related to the quality of the people who stand behind it. Because we hire talented people at every level, we are able to provide a consistent, high level of service. STJ's principals and staff professionals each have a minimum of 10 years experience working in the payments industry.

When it comes to choosing a project services firm, we don't envy you. There are more options out there than flies in a cow pasture. But if you want a firm that's at home in your field and is familiar with the challenges you face, STJ has a lot to offer that you simply won't find elsewhere. More …

As payment services specialists, our project services focus on areas such as:

  • BASE24TM, BASE24-epsTM, S1 Payments/Postilion
  • ADVANTAGE/Deluxe/ConnexTM services
  • System conversion and migration services, customization and testing
  • Training, certification, disaster recovery and cryptology services
  • High volume transaction benchmarks and performance tests
  • Project management, design and development, business analysis
  • System maintenance, mandate development and acceptance testing
  • More …