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STJ helps financial institutions, processors, merchant acquirers, and card associations to deliver solutions to their customers. We collaborate to design, build, support and manage solutions for their payment environments. We focus on four specific payment market segments that can benefit from our specialized expertise and experience:

After years of daily client project staffing and interaction, supplemented by STJ's internal network, we've gotten to know the expert resources - by name - that are available to meet the needs of these markets. We've learned, for instance, who the people are that have solid communication skills, working experience with the supporting applications and technology and have the ability to provide thought leadership for time-critical projects.

Over time we've worked with only the best technical and business payments people in their respective fields. These are people who possess the skills our client's require; making them valued contributors to our client's project teams and deliverables.

While we occasionally accept work from companies and organizations outside our area of specialty, we do so only when they offer our staff a fresh perspective, experience or challenge.











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